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Sleep Smart

Sleep Smart helps improves your cognitive and physical well-being by normalizing your sleep cycles. Researchers at Sleep Smart utilize a unique combination of motion-tracking and audio stimulation to re-shape sleep cycles. Numerous studies have shown the beneficial effects of these guided sleep cycles on memory.

Proactive Sleep

An alarm clock that provides you with feedback on your optimal bedtime and wake time based on a scientifically validated game that you play in the morning, enables you to listen to any music from your iTunes when you wake up, tracks your sleep in a diary, and provides you with ambient music.

Reaction Time by sleep-2-Peak

A free version of our sleep-2-Peak tool that uses scientifically validated tasks to measure and figure out your optimal sleep schedule.


This tool allows you to discover what sleep schedule and what periods of the day are associated to your peak mental and physical state. By using sleep-2-Peak, you will become aware of alertness variations beyond what you can feel and you will discover how powerful your schedule choices can be to boost your performances naturally. This task uses a variation of the psychomotor vigilance tasks that has been validated by scientific research.


This app is here to help you fight the negative health effects of stress and sedentarism through our unique centeredbeing system that combines movement (non-exercise activity) and mindfulness for more healthy, centered living. There is increasing evidence that sedentarism, even in otherwise healthy individuals who exercise. Start the training program and learn how you can prevent sedantarism any time, anywhere!

Sleep Diary Alarm Clock

The new and improved sleep tracking tool. The only alarm clock on the AppStore that is guaranteed to wake you up because it uses Apple's new push-notification system. A set it and forget it weekly schedule that you can customize based on the feedback that the app provides you. Includes a sleep diary that is based on sleep diaries used in sleep labs. Fall to sleep with ambient music that you can play throughout the entire night.

Mind Metrics

Simple games that are proven to measure your alertness system and higher level cognitive abilties. The tasks include: the psychomotor vigilance task, N-Back tasks, and combined N-Back and vigilance tasks.

ROC-V Mobile

Recognition of Combat vehicles application developed for the U.S. Army. This application is not available to the public.

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